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2-3 Zone Offense

Seems like so many offenses recently are out of a 1-3-1 or 3-2 set and coaches use odd front versus and even front zone and vice versa. Getting zones to match up even on even/odd on odd can at times create a lot of opportunity for a zone offense.


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San Antonio Spurs - Pistol Offense


San Antonio Spurs run a variation of the Pistol Action often called the "21 Offense" the gets DeMar DeRozan a corner ballscreen that leads to any easy basket.

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Brooklyn Nets - Pistol Offense


Brooklyn Nets run pistol action into a double ballscreen that leads to a wide open layup with the big rolling to the basket.

Brooklyn Nets - April, 13, 2019

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7 Box Set Plays

Here are 7 Box Set plays you can easily add to your playbook.

Looking for new plays to easily insert into your playbook? Check out the plays below: 

Ohio State MBB - Dec. 7, 2013

Ohio State MBB get an easy lay-up from a back-screen out of the box...

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University of Florida WBB - Pistol Offense


University of Florida WBB get some great action out of the high post before getting a late DHO for the lay-up.

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Iberostar Tenerife Screen the Screener out of Pistol Offense


Iberostar Tenerife run a great screen the screener out of the "pistol offense" for an And 1! three pointer.

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BYU MBB Back to Back Pistol Action


BYU MBB gets a ball reversal heading right into a pistol action where the guard rejects the ballscreen out of the DHO to get to the lane for a basket.

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Northern Iowa MBB - Pistol Offense


Northern Iowa MBB run a nice variation of the Pistol Action that puts them into a Middle DHO that gets them a great scoring opportunity.

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Oregon WBB SOB 2019-20


Oregon WBB uses this SOB to get right into a horns elbow ballscreen action where Ruthy Hebard finds Sabrina Ionescu for the lay up.

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Tofus Bursa SOB


Tofus Bursa SOB uses an Iverson cut to get the defense reacting before setting a step up screen that leads to a defensive breakdown and an easy lay up.

Tofus Bursa - 2020

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