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Pistol Offense

Pistol offense can be effective at every level with so many different options. Here are just a few of our favorite actions!

Looking for new plays to easily insert into your playbook? Check out the plays below: 

Golden State Warriors - March 8, 2020

Golden State Warriors run a nice wrinkle out of the pistol offense to get the defense having to guard multiple actions before Damion gets the handoff to get downhill in the paint.

San Antonio Spurs - April, 19, 2019

San Antonio Spurs run a variation of the Pistol Action often called the "21 Offense" the gets DeMar DeRozan a corner ballscreen that leads to any easy basket.

Brooklyn Nets - April, 13, 2019

Brooklyn Nets run pistol action into a double ballscreen that leads to a wide open layup with the big rolling to the basket.

Houston Rockets - Dec. 13, 2016

Houston Rockets run a creative wrinkle out of the pistol offense that gets Jame Harden coming off a pin down into a DHO to get into the paint for a great lay up opportunity.

University of Florida WBB

University of Florida WBB get some great action out of the high post before getting a late DHO for the lay-up.

Iberostar Tenerife

Iberostar Tenerife run a great screen the screener out of the "pistol offense" for an And 1! three pointer.


BYU MBB gets a ball reversal heading right into a pistol action where the guard rejects the ballscreen out of the DHO to get to the lane for a basket.

Northern Iowa MBB

Northern Iowa MBB run a nice variation of the Pistol Action that puts them into a Middle DHO that gets them a great scoring opportunity.




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