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L Series

With no basketball on TV and prepping for our season I went back and watched a ton of NBA Side Out Sets. I found a common theme through many teams that I will be using this year and wanted to share!

I am a big fan of what I call our “L Series” which consists of endless options; however, I have narrowed down a group of 6 plays to share with you. It helps to watch these in order as each play progressively adds more actions and options in each clip. Here is description and breakdown for all 6 clips.

Clip 1 “L Series” Backscreen Action:

As in all the clips the ball is entered to the high post area with two players spaced to the weakside. The “foundational” action is this backscreen for the inbounder coming from the block. Here in this clip Miami gets the dunk from backscreen.

Clip 2 “L Series” Backscreen Slip Action:

Just like Miami, Milwaukee uses a shooter to set the backscreen. Here Korver goes to set the backscreen and instead slips the screen (possible way to beat the switch) to get an open 3.

Clip 3 “L Series” Zoom Action:

As you see in this clip the man guarding the inbounder is sagging off in anticipation of the backscreen. This allows Divenezo to go right into a zoom action with Lopez and get to the rim with his defender now having to chase

Clip 4 “L Series” Pistol Action:

This is a great wrinkle/option as you continue to run players off the backscreen. Here Miami uses the inbounder to set a pindown for who would normally be the screener into a DHO (Pistol Action).

Clip 5 “L Series” Flex Action:

Indiana sets the backscreen as normal however the big now reverses the ball and sets a pin down for the original screener (Flex Action). There are plenty of clips where the shooter comes off the pin down for a 3, but I wanted to show how teams will get straight into a Side Ballscreen if no immediate shot is taken.

Clip 6 “L Series” Quick Action:

Another wrinkle or counter is shown here where you take advantage of the weakside maybe falling asleep or not being engaged with the action typically happening ball side. Indiana sets a great quick screen weakside for the curl and lay up.



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