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6 Zone Quick Hitters

Add these 6 zone quick hitters to your team's playbook.

Looking for new plays to easily insert into your playbook? Check out the plays below: 

Gonzaga MBB - Dec. 30, 2016

Need an easy lob play vs the zone? Here Gonzaga MBB run an easy double backscreen on the weakside for the lob and the finish!


UConn MBB - March 8, 2020

UConn MBB do a great job of screening the zone in this set play. The wings cross and screen the top of the zone allowing the guard to penetrate the paint and dump it off for the slam!


Virginia Tech MBB - Feb. 15, 2018

Virginia Tech MBB are able to get a quick and easy lay up with this zone quick hitter. VT crosses the two wings which draws the bottom two defenders away from the paint and allows the low post to seal off the lone remaining defender in the paint and are able to hit the cutter for an easy lay-up.


Clemson WBB - Feb. 23, 2018

Clemson WBB take advantage of the zone by cutting a wing to the strong side corner which overloads the zone just enough to get the bottom outside defender to leave the paint so they could screen the middle of the zone and sneak in for the lay-up.


Washington Mystics - July 24, 2019

2019 Champions Washington Mystics show why they are so good in this clip vs the zone. They stick a shooter on the weakside while driving to the basket to draw the defense. This allows the low post to seal the outside defender of the zone freeing up Shatori Walker-Kimbrough for the wide open 3!


Boston College MBB - March 4, 2020

Boston College MBB gets the zone shifting side to side with a couple ballscreens before a quick pass back to the top after a nice second screen from the roll man for the 3!