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If you don't charge your audience, we don't charge you. Once you're ready to monetize - we have straightforward pricing that works for content creators of any audience size.


Supercharge your coaching content

with the same apps NBA coaches use to explain concepts to players


Easily Explain Concepts

Use Luceo's easy to use Mark-Up and Telestration tools to breakdown videos, play animations, or quick draw something new on a blank court!


Engage Your Audience

Stop using boring diagrams or raw video clips to explain your ideas! It is fast and easy to take any concept from your Luceo library and share it to your audience - wherever they are!


Gamify Your Concepts

Drive engagement & help members learn with Luceo's auto-generated competitive memory games.



Featured Case Studies
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Focus on Teaching, not Tech

Everyone's One Place For Everything

"There's a solution to every issue out there - the tough part is figuring out which solution is best for each problem. With Luceo, you don't need to choose. It can become a single hub for you to manage all your assets and information securely!

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Slow Using Drawing Software?
Not anymore!

"Luceo is the easiest, fastest solution I've ever used. Drawing a play diagram feels natural, like drawing on a whiteboard, except everything is automatically animated! It has really sped up my workflows, and my final product is more helpful to our coaches and players!

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Say No More! to frustrating library management

Super simple interface to upload, create, organize, and publish content to your audience.




Create a Membership Base

Own your audiences' contact information and create opportunities to sell.


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Your email list

Your audience can register to be part of your group and access your content. They get content, you get their contact info - it's a win/win.

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Combine Your Audiences From Every Platform

With unique benefits, drive your audiences from all your social channels into one central location to join.



Worried About Strategies Being Stolen?

"When you're dealing with tactics and a playbook, you're essentially handling a coach's life's work. Luceo puts an emphasis on securing access to that information in a way that no other sports tech company has before!

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Luceo powers your brand with industry leading technology and capabilities

Offline Content

Let your users download your videos to play even when they don't have internet

Secure Sign-On

OAuth2 SSO makes logging in securely easy for your members

Subscription Processing

Low-cost & easy to implement payments for subscriptions and single transactions

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