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        We exist to improve the learning & development experience and level the playing field for participants, professionals, and fans of sports.



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        Making Things Better

        At Luceo, we think everyone benefits from an accessible & integrated Sports Education Ecosystem

        With solutions powerful enough for professionals, yet easy enough for amateurs; that facilitates engagement & development within and across sports communities; and is evangelized by qualified, trusted & influential people throughout the industry.

        Over my almost 20 year career in sports technology working for some of the biggest game-changing companies and with some of the world's top sports professionals, I realized a lot of people shared our vision - but no one had been able to pull it all together.

        Until now. Luceo is the first sports centric enterprise learning & development technology platform.

        As a company, we are dedicated to ensuring coaches at every competitive and socioeconomic level get the access and support needed to improve both their players, and their own, development.

        And the best part?

        We are just getting started!

        Continuous Improvement on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.-1


        Make It Easy

        Make It Accessible

        Make It Impactful

        Take Care of People

        Think Long-Term

        Open Doors for Others


        The Evolution of Teaching in Businesses vs Team Sports

        Have Evolved Teaching

        Team Sports
        Have Evolved Teaching


        Business L&D - 01 - 1950s Business Session
        Sports L&D - 01 - 1950s Football Film Study


        Business L&D - 02 - 1980s Business Lecture
        Sports L&D - 02 - 1980s High School Film Study


        Business L&D - 03 - 1980s Motorola University
        Sports L&D - 03 - 2000s High School Film Study


        Business L&D - 04 - 2000s online training
        Sports L&D - 04 - 2000s College Film Study 2


        Business L&D - 05 - 2010s mobile solutions
        Sports L&D - 05 - 2010 College Film Study
        If nothing is jumping out at you, my point is that


        Improving Quality of Displays & Screens

        Improving Coaching & Learning Experiences

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